Clinical Presentations Key

This section includes questions, answers, and explanations on a variety of adult & geriatric medicine sub-specialties.  Just pick a specialty subject area listed in the column to the right that you want to review, or click on the key above for a drop-down box,  and "go for it." Some specialties have many questions (cardiology), others have fewer (psychiatry). The questions come in order so if you don't finish a section, when you come back , you will have to start at the beginning again (we can't figure a way around this). You can keep the question window open, then open another window to do research in other sections of the site.

It is recommended that you review both the Hot Topics and Clinical Presentation area before proceeding through this section mainly because this is your comfort zone. . . questions are what you feel most comfortable doing, but you learn in a number of different ways.  Try another section first and keep this section until closer to the end.

Remember, while more than one answer may be correct, there is only one best answer. Note that the easier questions tend to be of a factual nature, while the more difficult questions usually involve clinical scenarios. If you think a question is wrong, misleading, or stupid. . . just email us and we will fix (or remove) it. 

Check back frequently to review both previously seen questions as well as see added content. Remember, this section is for review only and will not be scored or timed. Keep a mental note of areas or disciplines that give you particular trouble and review that topic in standard medical texts (try "Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment).

You can always submit a question (with answer and explanation) for addition to our database by placing it in the blog section of Hot Topics, or by emailing it to Non-proprietary pictures and clinical images are always welcome!