Why is MedcertNP.com so inexpensive?

Medcertnp.com doesn't assume all medical professionals are rich, we know better! The certification review courses that are offered are completely over-priced. If someone pays $600 for an in-person review course attended by 300 nurse practitioners . . . they've just made $180,000 !!!!!  They can pay the conference center, the lecturers, ancillary staff, buy lunch, and still walk away with $100,000 PROFIT  Then they take the video (or audio) and continue to charge $350 a person.  Because we have few other options, we pay.  Quite simply, these materials don't cost that much!! The $199.00 we charge goes to website upkeep and content update. PERIOD.

What makes MedcertNP.com special?

Medcert.com (for physicians) was the FIRST online website for board certification review and started back in 1999!  MedcertNP.com uses the same review approach that physicians use, but the material is tailored for the NP.  We have more than just practice questions, we have an array of resources that take advantage of the different ways clinician's learn.  We were the first to have Clinical Presentations, Hot Topics, and an online simulation exam!!  Many of our quick review "Hot Topics" have embedded YouTube videos of lectures and study tips for people who need a visual explanation.  Take MedcertNP wherever you go. . . on your iPod, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. There is nothing to download.

Can I get continuing education credit while I use medcertNP?

No. Currently medcertNP does not provide CEU's for the time you spend studying on the site. Use other on-line resources for continuing education.  Our focus is learning critical clinical information at an affordable price.

Is medcertnp.com guaranteed?

Yes, we will refund your subscription fee of $199.00 upon your request. Just notify us in writing letting us know why, and we will process your reasonable request with 14 days of notification.  No risk.

I have a great study table that I created that others may find helpful.  How can I submit my study material for possible inclusion in medcertNP's review?

There are many ways to help, first you can add comments/additions in the blog section below the related Review Topics, or use the medcertnp general blog, or you can email your study materials to admin@medcertnp.com. Members suggest valuable videos, study techniques, contribute mnemonics, review cards, and more!!

Is MedcertNP more difficult than what I need for the certification exam?

Some NP's have indicated that some topics include more detail than what they've been used too.  For example, there are "currently" no ECG identification questions on the adult geriatric exam, but MedcertNP has ECG review material.  Why??  Because ANY patient care will eventually require your consideration of an ECG. How can you brag about being certified, and not have at least an acquaintance with the fundamentals of identifying an abnormal ECG?  If fact, the "current" certification exam has NO PICTURES, but your practice will be full of visual images.  That is part of how we remember things.  That is why MedcertNP  is FULL of pictures, videos, study charts, and more.  By using more than rote memorization in preparation for the exam, you make recall easier and faster.  

NP's report that medcertNP is more comprehensive, less mundane, more relevant, and more fun to use than the other material out there, and is at a fraction of the cost!!  That's why many will keep renewing their annual membership beyond their first year!

  • Remember MedcertNP was designed specifically for NP's . . .  by PHYSICIANS. 

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