Hypertension Management 2014 — JNC 8

Hypertension remains one of the most prevalent causes of preventable disease. The JNC 8 was finally released, and (for a change) some the guidelines were relaxed, and others made more clear. Treatment of appropriate patients remains critical, and initial treatment options have been narrowed. Here is a summary taken from the actual document: Based on the above,… Read more »

Hypertension Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle Modifications Adoption of healthy lifestyles by all persons is critical for the prevention of high BP and is an indispensable part of the management of those with hypertension. Weight loss of as little as 10 lbs (4.5 kg) reduces BP and/or prevents hypertension in a large proportion of overweight persons, although the ideal is… Read more »

Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement

The accurate measurement of blood pressure is essential for successful management. The equipment—whether aneroid, mercury, or electronic—should be regularly inspected and validated. The operator should be trained and regularly retrained in the standardized technique, and the patient must be properly prepared and positioned. Persons should be seated quietly for at least 5 minutes in a… Read more »

Hypertension Patient Evaluation & Differential Diagnoses

Evaluation of hypertensive patients has three objectives: (1) to assess lifestyle and identify other cardiovascular risk factors or concomitant disorders that may affect prognosis and guide treatment; (2) to reveal identifiable causes of high BP; and (3) to assess the presence or absence of target organ damage and CVD. Patient evaluation is made through medical… Read more »

Hypertension Pharmacological Treatment

Hypertension affects approximately 75 million adults in the United States and is a major risk factor for stroke, myocardial infarction, vascular disease, and chronic kidney disease. A large number of drugs are currently available for reducing BP. Greater than 2/3 of all patients treated for hypertension will need more than one agent.  The recently released… Read more »