Geriatric Encounters

The geriatric encounter is a very specialized visit. Treat it with the dignity and forethought your elderly patients deserve. When bringing a patient in from the waiting room, think about the needs of the patient in terms of space (is there room for a wheelchair?), lighting, transfers, etc. Most exam room vary in size and… Read more »

Comparing Dementias

It is sometimes valuable to compare similar disease processes, like dementia, so that the nuances of a question don’t muddy your ability to pick the correct answer. ¬†Dementia questions are difficult because you don’t know if its a true dementia question, or a reversible red herring. (Hypothyroidism for example). ¬†Reviewing the cardinal features of the… Read more »

Geriatrics and medications

Elderly individuals are the biggest consumers of medications in the United States. Their consumption results in 100,000 emergency hospitalizations every year for adverse drug events.¬†Advanced age can further complicate the already complex process of appropriately prescribing and managing patient medications.   Increasing age tends to bring increasing comorbidities, which lead to more prescriptions and specialist… Read more »