Classifications From the 2nd Edition of The International Headache Classification (ICHD-2) ____________________________________________________________________________ PRIMARY HEADACHES MIGRAINE WITHOUT AURA. . . Recurrent headache disorder manifesting in attacks lasting 4-72 hours. Typical characteristics of the headache are unilateral location, pulsating quality, moderate or severe intensity, aggravation by routine physical activity and association with nausea and/or photophobia and phonophobia…. Read more »

Prevention: Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary

When trying to keep these three straight in your head, think of the progression from totally depersonalized public health (primary prevention) to fully personalized private health (tertiary prevention), with secondary prevention as the halfway point between the two (and having some components of each). Primary Prevention (Public Health) Protect healthy people from developing a disease… Read more »

Abnornal Pap Smears

Pap smear results may indicate a squamous intra-epithelial lesion, or SIL. This indicates cellular tissue damage or dysplasia. There are different categories of SIL, including: low-grade SIL, or LSIL high-grade SIL, or HSIL possibility of cancer atypical glandular cells (AGUS) Many times, LSIL goes away on its own. Your doctor might recommend a follow-up Pap smear… Read more »

Pregnancy and . . .

Pregnant patients will appear on the board exam in one form or another. Please review these random pearls. Vaccinations The hepatitis A and B vaccine is safe. The inactivated Flu vaccine is safe, and the live attenuated in contra-indicated (makes sense. . . right?) Polio is approved Tetanus / Diphtheria is okay if indicated HPV, MMR,… Read more »